Insanely Easy Ideas for Weird Christmas Cards

Offbeat, silly, hard-to-find and downright weird cards are a fun way to stay in touch for Christmas and let someone know you are thinking of them.

Silly Baking Christmas Cookies Photo Card

Via Flickr

Here are ideas for ways to do a fun photo Christmas card.  We also have a number of offbeat pre-printed cards.  Whichever route you take, be different!  Show some personality!  Send cards that you won’t see at your local WalMart or Hallmark store.

Photo cards are appealing and unique to you. These are the type where you select a template, upload your photo, type in a message. Order. Nice.  Send a photo card and you are sending a nice remembrance that gives a personal touch.
Here are some ideas for making an interesting card that stands out.

Unusual Setting

Santa and Kids in VW Bus Do the unexpected. Make it fun. Pick a clever setting like your car. Go to a Christmas tree farm and cut down a tree. Take your camera along. I have gotten great photos of my kids gazing at a tree and gleefully helping drag it to the car. Zoom in so you can see expressions on people’s faces.  If you live in warm place, decorate a Palm tree with Christmas lights. Use a photo taken at the beach.

Pet Photos

Bulldog Dressed as Santa for Christmas Photo Card

via Flickr

A Santa hat or reindeer antlers on your cat or dog is an easy classic.  Dress your dog in Santa dog clothes like the photo of the bulldog. This photo is extra interesting because the dog is in the lower third of the photo. The red wreath in the upper third adds additional interest. Roll a ball of red yarn to your cat and be ready for some action shots.

Offbeat Clothing

Wear weird Christmas sweaters. You know those ugly, multi-colored, patterned, incredibly tacky sweaters with a Christmas theme on them that you see at thrift stores or on eBay. Have the entire family wear one!

I saw a memorable card from a small company that was a group shot where each employee wore an ugly sweater.Photo was taken at a local Sears photo studio. It was a classic, light-hearted card that made you look, smile and like the people and company. Dress up in the clothes of a favorite activity or hobby. Wearing ski gear in an unlikely setting like your front yard without any snow and adding a greeting that you can’t wait to hit the slopes is funny. Sports fans can show their personality by wearing clothes from their favorite college or pro sports team. One person waving a pennant, doing something different, adds interest.

Animated Cards

With animated cards, you move the card back and forth the image appears to move. The view switches between the 2 photos and gives a unique animation effect. You provide 2 photos. Send out these cards and your card will be one of a kind and stand out. Not many companies offer this. Check out the effect on this Snapily greeting cards page.

Funny Templates

Fleas Navidad Photo Christmas Card Funny, offbeat card designs are a quick way to do a weird card. Merge a fun photo with a goofy template and you have taken a quick route to weird. We showcase a number of fun photo cards including ones with with “Fleas Navidad” and “Meowy Christmas“. Use the tag cloud on the right to find interesting themes quickly.

Mall Portrait Studio

Get fun, inexpensive results by going to a department store or mall portrait studio like Sears or JC Penney. These studios try to be serious and attractive, but offer a kitschy flair. They often have holiday backgrounds and props that add to the effect. Look for frequent specials in November and December.

Use Props

Cat Wearing Reindeer Antlers Christmas Card

via Flickr

Have everyone wear a Santa hat, or reindeer antlers. My local grocery store sells these every year, cheap. Hold snow shovels.  Get a poinsettia plant and let your kids see it for the first time. Be ready with the camera for some great looks of amazement. Props and unusual settings are a great way to avoid the stiff, posed look.  Santa’s beard made with shaving cream is funny.

Photoshop and Gimp

Use Photoshop or the free open-source software Gimpto enhance your image. Add some cartoon-y Santa hats to people or pets in the photo. Add Christmas lights to a palm tree. Paste a Christmas tree into a beach photo.

Unexpected Location

Scenes from the beach or summer vacation will stand out from the mix of more traditional cards, like this card. Family pictures from any time of year make great cards. Look back at vacation pictures from the past year.

Hope you are feeling inspired and ready to create your own offbeat Christmas card. Have fun with it!

Running out of time?  Order pre-printed cards. There are lots of fun, weird cards out there!


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      Hello TT! :)I’ve aalwys love making my own Christmas cards mostly because you can make it how you want it to suit the occassion and the personality of the person recieving it. I agree with you that homemade cards are extra special it’s made with love and thought. Although I’m not much of a poet, I do write my own Christmas poems/messages that is why I start making my cards in summer when I have suffecient time.The latest I have done for most of our customers are Christmas letters designed using Adobe Photoshop thanking them for their support throughout the year. They love it and it makes them feel special. Besides, making homemade cards is a lot of fun and allows your creative juices to flow.Thank you so much for the mentioning my post on Crafty cards you’re a real gem. 🙂

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      I have been making my holiday cards (and photo albums) at Shutterfly for years. This year I got a deal at Groupon for so I bought most of my cards at Shutterfly and a few at Mixbook.Comparing the 2, Shutterfly pricing is better for similar card stock, and faster for (free!) shipping and I was able to stack a couple of coupons and get some really great deals. Mixbook allowed me MUCH more creativity but would only allow the discount from my Groupon, and I couldn’t the get regular sale price/free shipping offer with it.The plus for Mixbook was there was nothing on Mixbook’s pre-designed cards that I couldn’t change fonts of text throughout the card, photo sizing and placement, all the graphics, and even the main card text (I changed Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays).Shutterfly is still my favorite but I hope that Shutterfly creates some cards in the future that allow a little more customization.

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    Thank you for the ideas for weird Christmas cards. They are fun. Me & my neighbour were trying to come up with Christmas card ideas. We checked out a helpful book from our local library but most books were not as good as your info. I am pretty glad to see this. I was searching for a long time. Now I have time to get some fun Christmas cards done in time this year.

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